County Clerk Duties

The Fort Bend County Clerk’s office plays a critical role in the lives of 750,000 citizens who reside in the 17 cities and unincorporated areas of Fort Bend County.

Few of our residents go through life without calling upon the Clerk’s office at one time or another. County Clerks have many responsibilities including:

  • Clerk of the Court for all County Courts at Law  — The County Clerk receives and processes all court filings for these courts and is the legal custodian of all court documents.
  • Clerk of Commissioners Court — The County Clerk prepares and attests to the minutes of all meetings and is the legal custodian of all documents pertaining to the actions of the court.
  • Recorder of Real and Personal Property — The County Clerk receives and records documents such as deeds, liens, foreclosures, brands and many others document types.
  • Local Registrar — The County Clerk acts as the sole recorder in Fort Bend County for all birth, death and marriage records.
  • Records Manager — The County Clerk is the legal custodian and manager of records under her jurisdiction. The County Clerk manages the greatest variety and volume of records of any county office, many of which are permanent.
  • Fee Officer — The County Clerk has financial and fiduciary responsibilities in all areas as Clerk of Courts, Recorder and Local Registrar. In these positions, statutory charge includes collection and reporting of all fees, court costs and fines.

I have sworn an oath to faithfully execute my official duties. Further to that, the Fort Bend County Clerk’s mission statement is “To provide excellent customer service through skilled personnel and leading edge technology to the citizens of Fort Bend County, the Judges, attorneys and related agencies while being vigilant and efficient with tax payer dollars.”

I truly appreciate your support over the last few years and look forward to serving as your County Clerk for years to come.

Respectfully yours,

Laura Richard